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In todays fast-paced world, it is easy to miss out on important information, especially if you are trying to keep up with a lot of different sources. That is where the daily digest comes in – it is a tool that compiles all the posts created on the previous day, providing you with a convenient summary of everything that happened so you can stay informed, educated, and engaged with the Digital Health world around you.

MediFormatica Daily Digest – Wednesday, April 12, 2023 – (9 posts)

In todays fast-paced world, it is easy to miss out on important information, especially if you are trying to keep up with a lot of different sources. That is where the daily digest comes in – it is a tool that compiles all the posts created on the previous day, providing you with a convenient summary of everything that happened so you can stay informed, educated, and engaged with the Digital Health world around you.

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Alaska DOH Awards State HIE New Contract to Further Interoperability

By Hannah Nelson April 12, 2023 – Alaska’s Department of Health (DOH) has awarded the state’s health information exchange (HIE), healtheConnect Alaska, a new contract to expand its interoperability services.
The HIE has grown significantly recently,…

— EHR Intelligence

Featured Health IT Job: Manager – Systems Analyst

We like to regularly feature a healthcare IT job that might be of interest to readers. Today, we’re featuring the Systems Analyst position that was recently posted on Healthcare IT Central. This position was posted…

— Healthcare IT Today

New AI skin scanner available for myGP app users   

myGP app users now have access to free artificial intelligence (AI) powered skin scanning technology, provided by Autoderm.The AI skin checker encourages people using the myGP app to take control of their skin health…

— Digital Health

West Country ICS to develop AI-powered control centres

A West Country ICS is introducing new ‘intelligent care traffic control centres’, using AI technology to visualise current healthcare demand, capacity and to predict future need.Working with British AI firm Faculty AI – Intelligent Decision…

— Digital Health

Long COVID Poses Challenges for Patient Care Access and Increases Healthcare Costs

A new study by the Urban Institute has found that people with long COVID are more likely to face healthcare problems such as high costs and difficulty finding clinicians. The research indicates that healthcare…

— DistilINFO Hospital IT

Remote care management platform MedArrive raises $8M

MedArrive, a care management platform that merges telehealth and in-person care, announced it received an $8 million strategic investment from Cobalt Ventures, a Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City subsidiary. The round brings…

— MobiHealthNews

Rising Healthcare Costs: How Health Plans Can Help Members Navigate

The following is a guest article by Jake Sattelmair, EVP and General Manager at Wellframe, a HealthEdge company
Healthcare costs are on the rise in the United States, posing significant challenges for individuals, employers, and…

— Healthcare IT Today

MIT AI algorithms aim to revolutionize organ transplant system

The U.S. organ transplant system is partnering with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology on an AI-driven algorithm framework, which launched March 9. This framework, known as continuous distribution, aims to make organ transplants more…

— Healthcare IT news

Diabetes company Glooko partners with insulin dosing app Hedia

Diabetes management company Glooko is partnering with Copenhagen-based Hedia to integrate its app into Glooko’s remote monitoring platform. The Hedia Diabetes Assistant allows patients to input their blood glucose, meals and activity levels and provides…

— MobiHealthNews

DHA Conduct Market Research for EHR Implementation Follow-On Contract

By Hannah Nelson April 12, 2023 – The Defense Health Agency (DHA) is conducting market research for a follow-on contract to support its $5.5 billion MHS Genesis EHR implementation, according to reporting from FCW.
DHA seeks…

— EHR Intelligence

Audio-Only Telehealth Used More Than Video Visits in Safety Net Clinics

By Mark Melchionna April 12, 2023 – New research published in the Journal of the American Medical Association revealed that audio-only telehealth continues to be used at higher rates than video visits in safety net…

— mHealth Intelligence

Where You’ll Find Us at HIMSS 2023

We’re excited at Healthcare IT Today for the HIMSS 2023 Global Conference happening next week in Chicago.  We have a lot going on at the conference, including a dual-studio setup in the Healthcare IT…

— Healthcare IT Today

NCPDP selects H1 as its provider data partner

The National Council for Prescription Drug Programs is partnering with H1 to advance its technology and help members reduce the costs of inaccuracies with rich continuously updated healthcare provider data, according to the announcement.NCPDP…

— Healthcare IT news

The latest trends in remote patient monitoring

Remote patient monitoring (RPM), which involves using mobile devices to check on patients’ vital signs while at home, as well as in-person or virtual visits from medical professionals, has seen a rise in adoption.

— Omnia Health Insights

System C announces acquisition of Oxford Computer Consultants

System C Healthcare has acquired Oxford Computer Consultants (OCC), a British IT business specialising in integrated contracts and finance solutions for social care within local government, as well as designing and developing customised software…

— Digital Health

The Effect of a mHealth App (KENPO-app) for Specific Health Guidance on Weight Changes in Adults With Obesity and Hypertension: Pilot Randomized Controlled Trial

Background: Commercial smartphone apps that promote self-monitoring of weight loss are widely available. The development of disease-specific apps has begun, but there is no app for specific health guidance (SHG) to prevent metabolic syndrome,…

— JMIR mHealth and uHealth

Tailored Outreach Is Key to Driving Medicaid Engagement

Nearly 84 million Medicaid members are having their Medicaid eligibility redetermined starting in April as the Medicaid continuous enrollment provision unwinds. Yet many of these members are unaware they could face loss of coverage.

— MedCity News

Reimagining Virtual Care for Screening and Prevention of Alcohol Use Disorder

New data reveals that preventive screening for alcohol use disorder dropped during COVID-19 surges despite an increase in alcohol use during the pandemic. Researchers suggest that virtual care could be used to mediate the…

— DistilINFO Hospital IT

Readers Write: Labor Augmentation Technology Solutions Automating Manual Processes

Labor Augmentation Technology Solutions Automating Manual ProcessesBy Kelly Feist Ascom Americas of Morrisville, NC. General care floors represent one area of the hospital that has experienced the most change post-COVID, including increased clinical staff…

— HIStalk

Health systems should make plans now for a ‘quantum-safe’ future

After many years of tantalizing but unfulfilled promise, quantum computing’s potential – in healthcare and beyond – is heating up in a big way. This past year, a cloud-accessible quantum computer with 400-plus qubits…

— Healthcare IT news

Community Support Counters Racism Affecting Maternal Health Experience

By Sarai Rodriguez April 12, 2023 – Involving community support persons in the birthing experience can counter obstetric racism impacting the maternal health experience for Black mothers. This approach contributes to safer hospital environments and…

— Patient Engagement HIT

Former Outcome Health executives convicted of fraud

A federal jury found three former executives of health tech company Outcome Health guilty of multiple counts of fraud on Tuesday. Rishi Shah, cofounder and former CEO, Shradha Agarwal, former president, and Brad Purdy, former…

— MobiHealthNews

HIStalk Interviews Tyler Smith, CEO, Health Data Movers

Tyler Smith, MBA is CEO of Health Data Movers. Tell me about yourself and the company. I began my career on Capitol Hill during the recession, but most importantly, it was during the passage…

— HIStalk

Risk Adjustment 2023: Which Vendors Drive Value in a Shifting Market?

What You Should Know:Strategies employed by payers, provider-sponsored health plans, and provider organizations are starting to become more proactive, and the need for solutions with prospective, predictive capabilities is rising. Additionally, amid rising healthcare…

— HIT Consultant

News 4/12/23

Top News A federal jury convicts three former executives of waiting room advertising company Outcome Health, which was valued at one time at over $5 billion, of several fraud charges involving inflating the number…

— HIStalk

How Can Healthcare Organizations Grow with a Smarter Backup Strategy?

Cloud-Delivered Backup and Disaster Recovery for HealthcareIn addition to cybersecurity, staff shortages and finances, healthcare organizations have also had to contend with long lead times for purchasing during supply chain disruptions. Many organizations are…

— HealthTech Magazine

Dream Body Sculpting Devices: The latest in Body Contouring Machines

Christina Perez (CEO) and Jasmine Jenkins (COO) of Dream Body Sculpting Devices, a woman-owned manufacturing company that provides high-quality body contouring equipment to medical spa providers across the globe joins eHealth Radio and the…

— eHealth Radio Network

How Happy Cells Manufacture New Medications

A whole new way to develop medicines has grown up around biotherapeutics, of which the best-known are a subset called biosimilars. Over the past ten years, a class of biotherapeutics called cell and gene…

— Healthcare IT Today

Brain Health is on People’s Minds – Linus Health at ViVE2023

Linus Health is a digital health company that makes a solution that helps detect the Alzheimer’s and other dementias. John Showalter, MD – Chief Product Officer stopped by and shared the surprising results of…

— Healthcare IT Today

Cybersecurity is a Patient Safety Issue – Imprivata at ViVE2023

According to Wes Wright, Chief Technology Officer at Imprivata, cybersecurity in healthcare should be considered a patient safety issue since it impacts patient data and patient outcomes when that data is rendered inaccessible. To…

— Healthcare IT Today

Explainable artificial intelligence incorporated with domain knowledge diagnosing early gastric neoplasms under white light endoscopy

White light endoscopy is the most pivotal tool for detecting early gastric neoplasms. Previous artificial intelligence (AI) systems were primarily unexplainable, affecting their clinical credibility and acceptability. We aimed to develop an explainable AI…

— npj Digital Medicine

AI, ChatGPT Poised to Potentially Transform Healthcare, Science

By Mark Melchionna April 12, 2023 – According to a new report from Accenture, the growth of artificial intelligence (AI) and ChatGPT is leading to transformations in science, business, healthcare, and society, positively impacting human…

— Health IT Analytics

Insight Global Settles Class Action Lawsuit After Contact Tracing Breach

By Sarai Rodriguez April 12, 2023 – Insight Global, the contact tracing program administrator hired by the state of Pennsylvania, has reached a proposed settlement to resolve a class-action healthcare data breach lawsuit. The breach,…

— Health IT Security

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