How Printing is Not Only Here to Stay, But Implementing it Properly is Important to your Organization with ACDI

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Author: John Lynn

Over these past couple of years as healthcare continues to move towards a more digital world, we’ve started to hear complaints over the old systems, such as printing and faxes, still being used. Yet these companies specializing in these older systems remain steadfast in their importance to everything running smoothly. So how do you balance the old with the new? Where do print management software such as PaperCut from ACDI find their place in healthcare organizations?

“I feel like there’s definitely a spectrum. You have the one side, who are all gung-ho on electronics, everything is moving to the cloud, and who want to eliminate paper because it’s bad. And then you have the other side of it where they’re completely old school printing everything out and have the huge file systems of rooms and paper that they’re storing. So we’re just trying to meet in the middle on that and say ‘Hey, printing isn’t bad. You’re still gonna have to use it at some point.’ said Summer Jones, Vertical Business Development Manager at ACDI.

“So that’s kind of where we come into play, because we always ask ourselves the question of ‘What if your EHR is down, then what?’ You always want to have a back up plan. Especially because there is such a surge of security issues right now and people getting hacked with ransomware and everything. Everyone always thinks it’s not going to happen to them until it does. So still having a secure way to being able to print documents just in case you need them is where we’re at.”

And the best news is that PaperCut is completely customizable to your organization’s needs. If you don’t have a printing infrastructure in place, ACDI can help you get what you need. And if you already have one and are just looking to make adjustments, then they can do that too! “PaperCut installs right on top of their existing printing architecture and allows them either to scale out or scale down.” said Ryan Huisinga, Solutions Architect at ACDI.

For more information, watch the full interview with Summer Jones and Ryan Huisinga down below!

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