Embracing the eClinicalWorks Cloud to Support Medical Practice Expansion

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Author: John Lynn

When we look at all the expansion of healthcare organizations that’s happening, we often forget about some of the IT implications that this expansion includes.  In fact, I’m sorry to say that IT is often just an afterthought when healthcare organizations choose to expand.  While IT isn’t a major factor in the decision to expand, IT is a major factor in determining the success of that expansion.

Take something like hosting your EHR as a simple example of this challenge.  As a healthcare organization expands, this often would mean their IT staff would have to source a local data center vendor and everything that’s involved with hosting your EHR on a private cloud that is reliably close to the new locations.  Needless to say, this type of effort isn’t an overnight process and could slow down the expansion.

This was exactly the challenge that Bryant Stetz, Director of Applications at Rothman Orthopaedic Institute, faced as his organization continued to grow their organization nationwide.  While they could expand in the same location without too much trouble, the bottleneck of finding a new data center that could serve a new location was a time consuming problem.

To solve this problem, Stetz worked with the eClinicalWorks team to roll out what he calls a hub and spoke model for their organization.  This approach allowed Rothman Orthopaedic Institute to be able to expand nationwide without their EHR hosting being a bottleneck for expansion.  This approach leverages eClinicalWorks large investment in the Microsoft Azure cloud to provide a reliable, robust, and responsive cloud hosting option no matter where they decide to expand.

At the eClinicalWorks National Conference, we had a chance to talk with Stetz to learn more about the challenge his organization faced and what they did to architect a solution.  Check out our video interview below to learn more.

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