Health IT: Buy or Sell – Healthcare IT Today Podcast Episode 101

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Author: John Lynn

For the 101st episode of the Healthcare IT Podcast, we are doing another episode of everyone’s favorite buy or sell! In these episodes we pull out a list of topics in the world of Health IT and decide whether we ‘buy’ that it’s going to happen or ‘sell’ it because we don’t think it will. So join us in our latest round of debate on some possible upcoming trends and topics in Health IT.

Here’s a preview of the topics we will be debating in this episode:

  • Workforce Challenges are going to get better in 2023.
  • EHR Vendor analytics solutions will make analytics vendors obsolete.
  • Big Tech will buy a Payer or Provider.
  • We have reached the low point in terms of healthcare conference attendance.

Now, without further ado, we’re excited to share with you the next episode of the Healthcare IT Today podcast.

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