As everyday life goes on, we keep learning new things, whether at home, at work, in the classroom, or even for fun, but we can’t keep all of this information in our heads all the time. We need to make this information easily accessible, and better yet, shareable with others. That’s why I created MediFormatica. Here, I’ll add posts about new and exciting things related to Medical Informatics so that I can easily pull that information up when I need it, while helping everyone get the same rich curated content.

The second part of MediFormatica is the news aggregator. This just brings in a lot of great content from multiple news feeds across the internet. Instead of having to visit all these sites to check for updates, I find them in the aggregator and am able to browse them in the future. Of course, various sites will provide full-text articles, while others will only offer excerpts in their RSS feeds, and either way, there will always be a link back to the original article.


I originally started MediFormatica as a  blog back in 2007. Back then there were very few sites that covered Health Informatics and there wasn’t much sharing on social media. You can learn more about the legacy website from here.

I hope you find MediFormatica helpful, and please share with me any great resources of your own.

I am an experienced healthcare executive with over 15 years of deep clinical and informatics expertise in the design, development, implementation and support of complex healthcare solutions. Beginning my career as a cardiologist, I understand the needs of clinicians and the nature of their work.