Provide ability to notify Dietary Department of specific diet orders , admissions , discharges and transfers , and maintain adequate inventory of food items.

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Provide ability to notify Dietary Department of specific diet orders , admissions , discharges and transfers , and maintain adequate inventory of food items.

>>> General
1   Ability to capture level of detail required for highly accurate nutrient calculation
2   Ability to review related Patient information
3   Ability to maintain Inventory Control
4   Ability to Create Diet Roster
5   Provide for menu Tallying
6   Record Nutritional Analysis
7   Process caloric counting
8   Support interface with cafeteria
9   Ability to handle food coupons for Medical Staff
10   Ability to record patient questionnaire and Dietitian survey
11   Provide built-in standardization and quality control for the interview process
12   Support entry of food by name, no codes are needed
13   Support food grouping at whole-food and ingredient level
14   Provide for user defined recipes which can be inserted into dietary records
15   Ability to add extensive text notes
16   Managing of Dietary stores : Ordering and Receiving
17   Managing of : Kitchen , Staff Cafeteria , Visitors Cafeteria

>>> Patient Information ( Patient Care Plans )
18   Ability to receive notification of Patient’s location ( ex: notice of all admissions, discharge, and transfers )
19   Ability to receive immediate notification from nursing station of changes in patient’s diet orders
20   Ability to provide diet change labels
21   Ability to provide notification of a completed procedure which required the patient to be NPO prior to its performance .
22   Ability to access a patient’s medical information to develop patient profiles and to determine impact of diet orders.
23   Ability to charge patients for guest meals
24   Ability to track patient admissions, discharges and transfers.
25   Ability to create a tailored “Nutritional care plan”, indicating the patient’s current diet order and useful menu planning information , like preferences, dislikes and nourishments

>>> Inventory Control
26   Ability to maintain a perpetual inventory system with reorder points and economic order quantities, Produce daily par level order sheets, interface with Inventory module
27   Ability to maintain usage statistics in order to adjust and control inventory levels
28   Ability to maintain status of current orders with vendors
29   Ability to retain file of potential vendors and the past performance records of each
30   Ability to provide pricing and extension of inventory
31   Provide for Cafeteria revenue reporting ( item popularity tracking )

>>> Dietary information
32   Daily diet sheet :- Patient name, location, and identification number
33   Daily diet sheet :- Diagnosis and scheduled surgical procedure
34   Daily diet sheet :- Age
35   Daily diet sheet :- Isolation indicator
36   Daily diet sheet :- Patient’s physician
37   Daily diet sheet :- Type of diet
38   Daily diet sheet :- Which meals to serve
39   Daily diet sheet :- All known allergies
40   Nutritional supplements and ‘between meal feedings’ , if ordered by physician
41   Nutritional supplements via tube or oral
42   Ability to provide a daily report of total food requirements based on master menu portion sizes and patient’s menu selections ( production count ).
43   Ability to provide a daily production schedule listing times, types, and quantities of food to prepare. Include standard recipes for production based on daily requirements. Recipe adjustment
44   Ability to provide costs and monitor caloric and nutritional contents of food consumed by patients on special , restricted, and general diets.
45   Ability to provide portion cost analysis to monitor increases in menu costs
46   Ability to process patient menus and tabulate cumulative food portions

>>> Dietary Functions
47   Ability to generate easy-to-read patient specific tray tickets or tray cards to improve tray accuracy and resident satisfaction
48   Ability to enter and edit menus effortlessly to meet the Hospital needs
49   Ability to generate item tallies and sized recipes reflective of Hospital current operational requirements to streamline production and reduce waste
50   Generate cost reports and analysis for menus, meals and recipes to monitor and evaluate budgetary targets
51   Ability to analyze nutritional content of menus, recipes and patient specific intakes to assess adequacy and regulatory compliance

>>> Dietary Management : Menus
52   Print easy to read Tray ticket which indicate precisely which menu items a patient should receive for a particular meal
53   Ability to create and print special holiday menus
54   Print useful reports for patient care plans and production

>>> Dietary Management : Production
55   Produce production sheets with precise amounts required by specific patient selections
56   Print easy to read recipes
57   Ability to resize recipes within seconds for special events or when standardizing recipes
58   Ability to track production history to determine popularity of items on menus

>>> Dietary Management : Costing
59   Ability to generate costs for menus , patient meals and recipes to monitor and evaluate budgetary compliance
60   Ability to determine grocery order requirements by utilizing the par stock assignment
61   Print Inventory count sheets and entered quantities
62   Create requisitions for catering events or bulk nourishments

>>> Dietary management : Assessment
63   Ability to analyze nutritional content of menus, recipes and patient-specific intake to assess adequacy and regulatory compliance
64   Ability to set nutritional goals for any diet in the program and establish Hospital wide exchange patterns for patients
65   Ability to establish customized nutritional goals for individual patients by setting specific dietary guidelines
66   Analyze the nutritional and exchange values of patient’s menu selections
67   Ability to conduct patient calorie counts, analyze what a patient was served and what was consumed

>>> Query
68   Ability to inquire on nutritional content of food types
69   Ability to inquire against laboratory results to produce nutritional assessment information to monitor acutely ill patients

>>> Reports
70   Inventory Reports
71   Total Food Requirements report
72   Patient Diet Statistics
73   Quality assurance
74   Productivity Reports
75   Ability to provide daily operating reports which contain food costs for the :- Current day
76   Ability to provide daily operating reports which contain food costs for the :- Month to date
77   Ability to provide daily operating reports which contain food costs for the :- Year to date
78   Volume factors – cumulative for :- Patient floor stock
79   Volume factors – cumulative for :- Raw food and supplies
80   Volume factors – cumulative for :- House and cafeteria
81   Ability to provide budget analysis reports; productivity reports on patient, non-patient related activities
82   Quality assurance reporting based on patients, employee surveys, operations surveys, prospective, retrospective patient reviews
83   Nutritional care plans including : weight log, diet order, dislikes and preferences
84   Tray cards for meal specific service purposes
85   Distribution labels including : patient name , location , current date, description of included items
86   Diet order changes ( ex: for special diets , allergies or textures )
87   Menu Reports :- Menu item lists
88   Menu Reports :- Exchange value reports
89   Menu Reports :- Master menu reports
90   Menu Reports :- Therapeutic menu reports
91   Menu Reports :- Selective menu reports
92   Menu Reports :- Tray tickets
93   Menu Reports :- Menu item tallies
94   Menu Reports :- Custom meal choice reports
95   Production Reports:- Scaled recipes – automatically sized to Hospital production needs
96   Production Reports:- Recipe serving directions ( for Dietary Staff )
97   Production Reports:- Recipe listing including all recipes by category
98   Production Reports:- Ingredient listing including all ingredients by category
99   Costing Reports:- Patient meal cost details
100   Costing Reports:- Requisition pricing for costing out catering events or bulk nourishments sent out
101   Costing Reports:- Inventory item listing
102   Costing Reports:- Grocer order guide
103   Assessment Reports:- Nutrient analysis
104   Assessment Reports:- Calorie counts

>>> Integration
105   Patient ADT
106   Inventory
107   Order and Results Reporting
108   Nursing module
109   Material Management

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