Australian Refined Diagnosis Related Group Classification System (AR-DRG). AR-DRG is a patient classification scheme based on ICD-10-AM codes. It provides a way of grouping the patients treated in a hospital according to clinical characteristics and resource use. AR-DRG definitions manuals are published by the Commonwealth Department of Health and Ageing and distributed by the NCCH.
Development of the AR-DRG classification is on-going. Currently, a new version is released every two years. It has been developed to classify acute admitted patient episodes in public and private hospitals. It has been produced by the Australian Government Department of Health & Ageing (DoHA), in consultation with the Clinical Casemix Committee of Australia (CCCA), Clinical Classification and Coding Groups, the National Centre for Classification in Health, State and Territory health authorities, and other organisations.



Hierarchical Structure of the AR-DRG Classification System

A hierarchal approach is used within the AR-DRG Classification system for determining the most appropriate AR-DRG to be allocated to a separation. 

The following diagram presents a visual perspective of the hierarchal approach used when determining an AR-DRG.


In total there are 25 Major Diagnostic Categories (MDC),  8 pre-MDC categories, and 409 DRGs.

The grouping process follows the hierarchal task order of:

AR-DRG Numbering Structure

Each AR-DRG has four alphanumeric characters.

Character One: represents the MDC.  For example letter A = Pre-MDC, B = disease and disorders of nervous system, C = diseases and disorders of the eye etc

Characters two, three and four:  Collectively these characters identify whether this is an adjacent AR-DRG and the partition to which it belongs.

For example:

Consider the two AR-DRGs

G05A Minor small and large bowel procedures with complications of comorbidity
G05B Minor small and large bowel procedures without complications or comorbidity

G05 is in MDC 6 "Diseases and disorders of the digestive system" and is an adjacent AR-DRG; represented by "A" and "B". 

Partitions (surgical, medical or other) are represented by the location in the following range:

 01 to 39 = Surgical partition
 40 to 59 = Other
 60 to 99 = Medical

Based on the information above G05 is in MDC 6 "Diseases and disorders of the digestive system", is an adjacent AR-DRG (A&B) and is a surgical AR-DRG.

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