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Healthcare IT in Egypt

In this section you'll find a list of companies and organizations working in the healthcare IT sector in Egypt.

If you know of a company that works in Egypt but has not been included in this list then please send me an email containing the company's website URl so that I can include it here.

I hope you'll find this list useful....

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1   Link   Chamber of Information Technology and Communications
CIT (Chamber of Information Technology and Communications) seeks to serve its members and the entire ICT community operating within Egypt to open new vistas of business that would eventually lead to building the country's information society. The Health Workgroup focuses on the healthcare IT sector in Egypt.
2   Link   Health Insights
Health Insights' flagship product, MedicaPlus, encompasses more than five hundred specialized modules that can be organized and grouped in many different configurations based on the hospital's requirements.
3   Link   Data Management Systems (DMS)
DMS HMIS is designed for medical, administrative and financial issues compatible with the magnitude of any hospital. It is the ideal way to improve Healthcare management by making information instant, easy to access, update and available upon request in order to improve quality, reduce time loss and enhance efficiency.

4   Link   Allied Soft

Allied Hospital Management System is designed for multispeciality hospitals, to cover a wide range of hospital administration and management processes.It is an integrated end-to-end hospital management system that provides relevant information across the hospital to support effective decision making for patient care, hospital administration and critical financial accounting, in a seamless flow.
5   Link   KHABEER software industries
HISPro is a standard, comprehensive, fully integrated, cost effective, Database Independent, secure, multi hospital, bilingual, platform independent, web enabled, and modular Hospital Management Information System that matches the standardized hospitals business cycles and standards within the frame of the most recent medical and systems standards and technologies.
6   Link   Exsys
Exsys is a dynamic and progressive organization committed to providing the best software solutions through a broad range of services such as:
7   Link   Shadi Systems
8   Link   Balsam Healthcare Corporation
The Oasis System is comprehensive, offering a wide range of Clinical, Financial and Administrative sub-system facilities. At the same time, the System is modular in design, with modules addressing specific functional requirements. It is possible to implement individual modules on stand-alone basis and integrate with other modules as and when they come on-line. All the Oasis modules integrate into a cohesive and robust system.
9   Link   CompactSoft
CompactSoft's Hospital Management System (CHMS)is one the oldest and most mature software packages. The system was built to handle hospital operations. At the beginning, the system has only dealt successfully with financial issues of hospitals and patients. Afterwards, the system was completed to deal with all hospital operations including medical issues.

Most modules of the system were designed to work in hospital. But, some of the modules were designed to fit into medical organizations not categorized as hospitals. Examples of these are private clinics, pharmacies and labs.
10   Link   Fekrasoft
This system is used to manage hospitals and polyclinics with all their units, clinics with all their disciplines, and medical centers with all their activities such as medical analysis centers and radiology scan centers, and so on.
This system handles the following activities: Administrative activities, Medical activities and Financial activities.
11   Link   Healthy Information Technology (HIT)
HIT is one of Healthy group of companies with strong financial support, knowledge-base, a complete infrastructure of technology and human resources. HIT became the leader and of-choice vendor for complete PACS/RIS solutions in the region.
Among few enterprises, HIT independently develops, controls, monitors, distributes and support complete software products by itself.
12   Link   MILLENSYS
MILLENSYS is an extension to the long lasting Millentech Systems that is dedicated to provide a state of the art technology solutions in the healthcare IT sector, and integrating multiple systems that help radiologists, cardiologists and clinicians run their daily business in a fast and professional way to be able to focus on serving patients more and as quickly as possible.
13   Link   MillenMed Solutions
MillenMed Solutions is ISO13485 certified company working in the field of Medical imaging solutions, we are working in PACS, RIS and medical imaging workstations and supplying more that 300 customers in 20 countries with our innovative and cost effective solutions with the aid of our highly qualified engineers and researchers.
14   Link   Nebras Tech
Report Pro Rad is a complete Digital Image Management and Reporting software application for medical radiology systems (ultrasound, X-Ray, CT, MRI, Angio...etc). It aims at managing and storing patients information, images and clips in digital form.
15   Link   Information & Communication Technology for Health
ICTFH main focus is educating people about healthcare IT through its continued seminars, certification programs, consultation and helping healthcare organization cut their expenses and increase revenue through business re-engineering and right sourcing utilizing our range of services and solutions. ICTFH also provides a range of services in healthcare BPO including Medical Transcription, Medical Billing & Coding and Teleradiology Services.
16   Link   ATS Medical Software
Provides software for managing small medical facilities.
EndoClinic: for endoscopy clinical management.
ClinicDB :for medical office management.
Medical transcription Software: three tier medical transcription management system.
17   Link   Meditech IT Solutions
Hepatosoft information system is an Electronic Medical Records system for patients of liver and GIT diseases that provides a decision support system for gastro-entrologists and hepatologists.
18   Link   Electronic Health Management (eHM)
eHM is a privately owned company that utilizes a group of professionals with both Medical & IT know-how, operating under a custom-built business practice, in promoting, enabling & supporting a suite of in-house and 3rd party solutions targeting the Health Indusrty.
19   Link   MOBINET
Pharmacies and retail management system. The program gives the facilities to the pharmacies or retailer issuing order, tracking orders status, no need for goods to be coded.
20   Link   NTS
CLINIC - A specialized program for medical clinics. You can add drugs and the tests conducted on the cases and also diagnose each case. As well as food programmers and follow-up cases. You can query any of the date of any reservation at any time.
CLINIC Contains Control system, permeations and more security.
21   Link   B-Connect
B-Connect has developed a pharmacy management system (e-Pharmacy plus) with the latest global cutting-edge technologies, so that the system provides all the requirements for the electronic management of pharmacies in line with the actual needs of pharmacists in different sectors and displayed by the studies conducted by B-Connect.
22   Link   Tatweer
Tatweer for information technology is an Egyptian company specialized in integrated solutions and software including PharmaWorx, a pharmacy management system.
23   Link   CompuMedical
CompuMedical Company was established in 1992 in Arab Republic of Egypt, as a software House to develop language solutions (Arabic / English). CompuMedical developed many solutions which serve the health care sector, which represents a great area of the Arabic market.
24   Link   Al-Awael IT
Produces a pharmacy management system named Al Razy.
25   Link   National Technology
National Technology is specialized vertically in medical software. Its Products include - Laboratory Data Manager : Clinical Laboratory Information System.
Blood Bank Data Manager : Blood Bank Information System.
Analyzer Data Management Workstation : Software for automated clinical analyzers.


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Healthcare IT in Egypt

In this section you'll find a list of companies and organizations working in the healthcare IT sector in Egypt.

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