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A Medical Library module is needed in the Hospital to manage and control the acquisition, circulation and cataloguing of the various references and books of the hospital.

The following has been extracted from a recent RFP. I've included it here for your reference. It may prove useful for anyone preparing such a document.
Please feel free to comment on this list, and propose any items that you think should have been included in this list. 


A Medical Library module is needed in the Hospital to manage and control the acquisition, circulation and cataloguing of the various references and books of the hospital.

>>> General
1   Support Library activities : Cataloging , Circulation , Acquisition , Serial , Reference
2   Support access to Online Public Access Catalogues
3   Support access to the hospital Library from any point within the Intranet / Internet enabled
4   Track any publication from the point of its initial order through receipt and processing to its permanent location within the collection
5   Compatibility with MARC records ( for cataloguing and acquisitions using bibliographic utility tools )
6   Support Arabic and Roman scripts
7   Allow for Importing / exporting of records

>>> Acquisition
8   Ability to online enter new title orders
9   Allow holds to be placed on items on order or in process
10   Process completed and canceled orders
11   Provide online functions for receiving, invoicing, processing, claiming and cancellation or orders
12   Access points via common browsers : by title, author, subject , purchase order number , invoice number , vendor, etc..
13   Provide capability of creating new title orders , with additional copies
14   Ability to update the on-order file according to the request form
15   Provide alteration and update of any existing order
16   Provide accessioning of received items
17   Provide Acquisition processing facility for periodicals and CD-ROMs

>>> Cataloging
18   Capability of loading , creating and maintaining bibliographic records online
19   Inquire on any field in the bibliographic record
20   Produce Spine/pocket label
21   Provide Automatic indexing
22   Easy editing of MARC fields through labeled tags
23   Ability to create and maintain online bibliographic data base
24   Ability to compose the bibliographical description of the book
25   Ability to display of data in MARC format or according to ISBD ( International Standard Bibliographical Description )
26   Cataloging information to include:- ISBN
27   Cataloging information to include:- Imprint ( Publisher info , publication date )
28   Cataloging information to include:- Title
29   Cataloging information to include:- Subject headings
30   Cataloging information to include:- Personal Author

>>> Serials Control
31   Automatic display for : next expected issues, missing or overdue issues, renewal date , routing and duplicates
32   Automatic routing alert at the check-in
33   Automatic generation for routing slips
34   Automatically generated claims
35   Binding alerts at the check-in
36   Bindery orders and instructions
37   Generate binding status reports including date due back, date sent, date returned, cost, and other instructions specified by the library
38   Handle Acquisition and cataloging for serials
39   Handle Memberships , subscription and cancellations
40   Collection maintenance :- Recording of issue receipt information
41   Collection maintenance :- Automatic alerting for follow up of missing issues
42   Collection maintenance :- Automatic alerting of volumes for binding
43   Recording of payments for subscription and membership
44   Recording of special charges
45   Recording of binding

>>> Circulation
46   Support bar coding or OCR reading
47   Easy checkout and renewal
48   Automatic check-in
49   Automatic calculation of due dates, fines, receipts
50   Automatic generation of overdue notices, fines, holds, reminders and recalls that can be printed at library specified formats and intervals
51   Handle Issues , Returns and Renewals
52   Handle Reservations and Overdues
53   Record Missing , lost and damaged copy
54   Ability to place holds and recalls : holds may be placed on items, editions, or titles
55   Provide for Renewals
56   Provide for Fine payment recording
57   Handle Books Inventory

>>> Online Public Access Catalog ( OPAC )
58   Search using Boolean capabilities
59   Browsing the catalog
60   Offer interface to multiple sources such as access to indexes on CD-ROMs

>>> Reserve book
61   Allow loan periods in days
62   Reserve items updated by date, or Doctor ( borrower )

>>> Query
63   Browse searching : Author, title , subject, series, etc…
64   Keyword searching
65   Phrase search
66   Cross index search
67   Boolean capability
68   Provide for secured dial-in access
69   Ability to display fund status online
70   Provide full bibliographic inquiry
71   Inquiry on Serials holdings display and last issue received
72   Circulation records searched by name or barcode
73   Inquiring on borrowers, titles copies

>>> Reports
74   Produce new title lists
75   Produce new selection lists
76   Produce summary expenditure reports
77   Produce orders and claims reports
78   Produce reports on new or all authority lists
79   Produce lists for additions and withdrawals by title, location, etc..
80   Generates statistical and financial reports automatically, such as current subscriptions list, on-order listings, vendor information, funds, duplicate records..
81   Generate listings of duplicate serials issues
82   Produce Circulation activity reports and statistics

>>> Interface
83   Human Resources
84   Material Management
85   Outside Libraries and references

Last Updated ( Tuesday, 28 October 2008 00:56 )  

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