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The requirement needs to b defined by the ministry of health as well as the ministry of finance, the needs are also required to be defined by the hospital’s administration and it should comply with the operations procedures manual.

The following has been extracted from a recent RFP. I've included it here for your reference. It may prove useful for anyone preparing such a document.
Please feel free to comment on this list, and propose any items that you think should have been included in this list. 


The requirement needs to b defined by the ministry of health as well as the ministry of finance, the needs are also required to be defined by the hospital’s administration and it should comply with the operations procedures manual

>>> General
1   Pay Types ( ex: Monthly , Hourly … )
2   Variable Pay Periods
3   Grade and Skill Table
4   Vacation Types and Entitlement Table ( Sick , Annual Vacation…)
5   Ability to define unlimited Earnings and Deduction Codes with effective dates
6   Ability to implement Egyptian Income Tax Rules
7   Employee payments and rules history maintenance
8   User maintained health insurance deductions
9   Ability to capture Attendance directly , or interface with a time Attendance System ( ex: thumb , hand , magnetic card , etc.. )
10   Ability to process calculations , Historically and Retroactively
11   Ability to mass update records ( ex : automatic percentage increment )
12   Automatic assignment of employee compensation and benefits based on user pre-defined rules
13   Ability to define default automatic codes , based on rules
14   Ability to chain earnings and deductions codes
15   Support and process multiple payrolls for different Employer entities
16   Provide consolidated reporting of multiple employer payrolls at user-defined organizational level
17   Provide ‘self-service’ ability for employees to access current pay period, MTD , and YTD payroll details through web browser or centrally located kiosks
18   Ability to define employees by : ( ex: categories , types , contract type ex: temporary , fixed contract , continuous contract .. )
19   Provide contractual guarantee that software will comply with all tax requirements
20   Provide contractual guarantee that software will comply with local Social Security contributions, deductions and reporting.

>>> Employee Payroll Profile
21   Hospital defined Identification Number
22   Name ( First , Middle , Family , Father )
23   Mother’s Name
24   Address Type , and ability to enter multiple addresses ( ex: Home , Work , Clinic )
25   Telephone Number ( ability to enter multiples , relevant to addresses )
26   Social Security Number
27   Marital Status
28   Spouse status
29   Person to contact in case of emergency
30   Next of Kin
31   Nationality
32   Religion
33   Date of Birth
34   Hire Date
35   Gender
36   Work Related Data to include :- Department
37   Work Related Data to include :- Location
38   Work Related Data to include :- Telephone Number ( extension )
39   Work Related Data to include :- Job Classification
40   Work Related Data to include :- Grade and Step
41   Work Related Data to include :- Skill Code
42   Work Related Data to include :- Job status ( ex: Full time , part time , percentage of time )
43   Work Related Data to include :- Hire / re-hire date
44   Work Related Data to include :- Position
45   Provide ability to assign an employee to a primary department ( ex: GL home account )
46   Provide ability to assign Employee to more than one department with percentage split
47   Pay Data to include :- Pay Type ( Salary , Hourly .. )
48   Pay Data to include :- Number of Pay periods per year
49   Pay Data to include :- Standard hours per pay period
50   Pay Data to include :- Tax Exempt / non Exempt code
51   Pay Data to include :- Salary , Base and Supplements
52   Pay Data to include :- Hourly Rate
53   Pay Data to include :- Earnings
54   Pay Data to include :- Allowances
55   Pay Data to include :- Benefits Deductions
56   Pay Data to include :- Insurances and Coverages
57   Pay Data to include :- Other compensations
58   Pay Data to include :- Earnings : Quarter-to-Date and Year-to-Date
59   Pay Data to include :- Withholding : Quarter-to-Date and Year-to-Date
60   Pay Data to include :- Other Withholding : Quarter-to-Date and Year-to-Date
61   Pay Data to include :- Taxable data : Monthly , Quarter-to-Date and Year-to-Date
62   Vacation Data to include :- Vacation Type and Entitlement
63   Vacation Data to include :- Vacation accrual rate , Vacation accrued and Vacation Used
64   Vacation Data to include :- Sick leave accrual rate , sick leave accrued , and sick leave used
65   Vacation Data to include :- Unpaid Leave
66   Vacation Data to include :- Military duty
67   Vacation Data to include :- Other Types of Leaves and their balances
68   Attendance Log
69   Clock Cards / Time attendance input
70   Termination Date
71   Required Payroll Proration Data

>>> Tables
72   Provide user-maintainable salary grade, step and pay rate tables
73   Provide user-defined Tax Parameters and exemption table based on family status and dependents
74   Provide user-defined Family Allowance table
75   Provide user-defined Medical Insurance categories table

>>> Earnings and Deductions
Support an unlimited number of earnings codes including ( but not limited to )
Salary, hourly rate , vacation, sick, holiday, shift differential, overtime, call back, disability, on call , etc..
76   Earnings to include :- Earning Types ( weekly , monthly , special , executive .. )
77   Earnings to include :- Hourly employee with and without time cards
78   Earnings to include :- Salaried and Salaried/exempt
79   Earnings to include :- Unlimited earning types
80   Earnings to include :- Unlimited Codes Definition
81   Earnings to include :- Ability to differentiate between Taxable and non-taxable earnings
82   Earnings to include :- Last raise amount and date
83   Earnings to include :- Last promotion amount and date
84   Earnings to include :- Overtime , straight time , and shift calculation
85   Earnings to include :- Statistical data capturing of hours
86   Legislated Taxable / non-taxable earnings :- Transportation Allowance
87   Legislated Taxable / non-taxable earnings :- Education Allowance
88   Legislated Taxable / non-taxable earnings :- Housing Allowance
89   Deductions to include :- Provide a deduction definition table to maintain calculations and rules for deductions
90   Deductions to include :- Support an unlimited number of deduction categories
91   Deductions to include :- Unlimited deductions
92   Deductions to include :- Unlimited Codes definition
93   Deductions to include :- Controlled deductions by start/stop dates
94   Deductions to include :- Calculation of deductions based on percent of earnings
95   Deductions to include :- Calculation of deductions based on Capital amounts and periods deduction
96   Deductions to include :- Ability to differentiate between deductions and reductions
97   Deductions to include :- Fixed Deduction amounts
98   Deduction amount per hour
99   Deductions to include :- Automatic deductions stop when limits reached
100   Deductions to include :- Determine which balances are affected by deductions
101   Deductions to include :- Track deduction arrears
102   Deductions to include :- Employee established deductions priority
103   Deductions to include :- User maintained health insurance deductions

>>> Egyptian Tax and Social Security
104   Ability to implement the Egyptian Tax Rules ( Parametric Tax Table )
105   Exemptions handling
106   Other Tax calculation ( special other nationalities )
107   Other currencies handling and the calculation exemption relative to Egyptian tax amounts
108   Automatic calculation of earnings balances and employee/employer taxes
109   Calculate taxes including reciprocity and override factors
110   Calculate tax adjustments
111   Computation of taxes to be withheld
112   Ability to refund to employees after tax settlements
113   Capture Year-To-Date Balances for earnings, deductions , tax , etc..
114   Ability to recalculate historically
115   Ability to generate special Tax reports to the Government ( in Arabic )
116   Social Security to include :- Social Security Number
117   Social Security to include :- Medical Social Security ( Employee and Employer contributions )
118   Social Security to include :- End of Service Social Security calculation and contribution
119   Social Security to include :- Ability to handle Employee and Employer calculations and shares
120   Social Security to include :- Family Allowance based on dependants age and gender
121   Social Security to include :- Spouse status tracking
122   Pension
123   Life insurance
124   Retirement plans

>>> Eligibility Controls
125   User –defined eligibility criteria
126   Defined eligibility rules logic based on user-defined criteria
127   User-defined standard rules for assigning/changing employee compensation/benefits
128   Track dependants eligibility as legistlated by the Egyptian Government

>>> User balances
129   Legislative balances for user-defined calculations and analysis
130   Unlimited extra user balances to accumulate required figures
131   Balances over any time period
132   Balance tracking
133   Adjust balances on line

>>> Payroll Calculations
134   Shift premium calculations : by percentage , by amount per shift , per hour
135   Automatic calculation of wages subject to workers compensation
136   Calculation of gross-to-net, net-to-gross pay
137   Calculation of retro-active pay
138   Calculation of retro-active syndicate pay
139   Calculation of leave accruals
140   On-line check calculation
141   Batch check calculation
142   On-line check calculation for adjusting entries only
143   Batch check calculation for adjusting entries only
144   Automatic calculation and applied deductions
145   ‘What If” calculations , report on impact of change without updating the files , ex: across the board increase in salary
146   Calculation exception reporting
147   Process deductions for charitable contributions, association dues, insurance, deferred compensation, cafeteria plan, retirement , credit syndicate deposits , etc..
148   Provide ability to designate each deduction for pre-tax and after-tax processing
149   Monitor annual maximum deduction amounts and stop the deduction once the predefined maximum is reached
150   Provide ability to set deferred compensation deductions by individual and monitor limitations
151   Process deductions taken in a fixed amount each pay period ( ex: insurance premium)
152   Process deductions that are computed as a percentage of pay
153   Provide ability to assign effective start and stop dates of all deductions
154   Allow suspension of specific deductions for employees on a temporary basis
155   Allow deductions to be taken at different intervals ( ex: every other pay period, quarterly)
156   Provide ability to identify each deduction type by a unique account number
157   Support prioritizing the order in which deductions are taken in the event that an employee’s pay is insufficient to cover all deductions
158   Automatically take partial deductions ( ex: if allowed by user-definition ) if an employee’s pay is insufficient to cover the deduction
159   Provide for automatic deduction of the amount in arrears in addition to the normal deduction during subsequent pay periods
160   Support cafeteria benefits programs ( food allowance )
161   Track benefit eligibility and start benefit deductions automatically after user-defined period
162   Calculate pro-rata benefits and deductions for part-time employees
163   Provide option for intermittent employees to accrue or not accrue benefits
164   Track productive and non-productive hours for pension reporting
165   Maintain record for pension benefits accrued
166   Maintain record for number of days worked ( ex: greater than 15 days for Social Security benefits)
167   Allow percentage and additional fixed amounts to be withheld for taxes
168   Allow employee to claim different numbers of exemptions for tax deductions , based on family dependents , their age , gender and occupation
169   Calculate employer portion of social security benefits and produce payment vouchers
170   Provide ability to calculate wages on multiple pay rates per employee in the same day and , or period
171   Calculate first , second and third shift regular and overtime pay
172   Allow for special shifts ( ex: 10 and 12 hour shifts )
173   Allow for per-diem pay in lieu of benefits
174   Allow input of manual check information
175   Include manual check deductions and benefit accruals into pay period data
176   Calculate benefit accruals by different pay categories
177   Calculate vacation accruals based on years of service
178   Allow pre-defined fee payment ( Doctors and nurses ) through interface with Hospital Billing
179   Support calculation and application of across-the-board pay increases
180   Support calculation and application of pay increases to a specific category or job class
181   Compute hours and amounts accruals for each cost center and automatically reverse the monthly GL payroll accruals

>>> Payroll & Payment Processing
182   Multiple employers or divisions
183   Payroll calendar maintenance
184   Support Egyptian rules , regulations and processing requirements
185   Support all Payroll frequencies
186   Prorate mid-payroll pay increases, hires, terminations, other transactions automatically
187   Non monetary compensation
188   Provision for multiple overtime rates
189   Multiple pay types processed in one run
190   Multiple payroll units/employers in one run
191   Special / bonus payroll runs
192   Transaction reversal capability
193   Support Loan Management ( Repayment )
194   Support Deductions with Capital Balance ceiling
195   Vacation advances
196   User-defined payment methods
197   Alternate payments for all employees, for selected employees
198   Alternate payment method: cash, direct deposit, cheques , vouchers, etc..
199   Direct deposits to several bank accounts ( by automatic secured file transfers )
200   Fund payments from any number of source accounts
201   User maintained tax tables
202   Mass maintenance
203   Support electronic direct deposit to different banks, credit unions, or other institutions
204   Print remittance advices ( instead of checks ) for electronic bank deposit transactions (payslips)
205   Allow for employee’s net pay to be electronically deposited to multiple banks based on amounts or percentage set by employee
206   Provide ability to perform regular payroll processing ( ex: print checks, reports ) on two week, bi-monthly, or monthly cycles for different employers ( employee categories )
207   Allow execution of separate supplemental payroll runs, in addition to the regularly scheduled payroll runs, on an ‘as needed’ basis
208   Process partial period payments to employees who do not work the entire pay period ( ex: new hires, terminations, on leave without pay, catastrophic leave , temporary )
209   Support online entry of payroll data from employee time cards
210   Validate employee numbers as time cards data is entered online
211   Print batch proof listing of time card data in employee name order
212   Print time cards with employee data on card in alpha order by department

>>> Cheque Processing and Printing
213   Ability to produce cheques for special category of employees
214   Interface with Payable for handling payments
215   Check forms alignment aid
216   Systems uses pre-printed check numbers
217   System assigned check numbers
218   System prints stubs with year-to-date data
219   Print user-specified data on check stubs
220   Print additional separate checks
221   Single paycheck capability
222   Hand written ( manual ) check option
223   Operator can void check in check register
224   Prints direct deposit advice
225   Print cash envelopes or labels
226   Check register automatically printed with all check runs
227   Print payslips
228   Ability to order payslips by department , address , employees
229   Print up to twenty individual deductions ( plus taxes ) on the check stub
230   Provide ability to restart check printing in the event check stock is damaged or printer malfunctions, with audit controls for damaged check stock
231   Ability to comply with Central Bank requirement for MICR Cheques printing

>>> Labor Distribution and Accounting
232   Cost center where earnings and hours applied , by employee
233   Labor distribution rules and codes
234   Split employee pay across multiple codes or vary pay by project
235   Track and update earnings for employees with multiple jobs
236   Allocate costs to any level of detail
237   Automate GL accounting updates
238   Passed hours to labor distribution
239   Accepted hours from labor distribution
240   Automatic vacation accrual
241   Automatic sick time accrual
242   Automatic leave accrual
243   Payroll accruals for time
244   Automatic arrears accounting
245   Pre-Tax deductions ( Reductions )
246   Automatic check reversal
247   Fiscal and Calendar year reporting
248   Deposit Bank reporting
249   Support other required countries payroll and tax declaration reporting
250   Preparation of quarterly and annual tax returns

>>> Payroll and Regulatory Reporting
251   Employee master listing
252   Payroll worksheets, payroll register , deduction register
253   Employee activity reporting
254   Time card labels
255   Absence reporting
256   Payroll history
257   Tax reporting
258   National Social Security Fund (NSSF) Reporting
259   Earned income credit reporting
260   Transaction Audit Trail
261   Print payroll batch control and balancing report including amounts and hours
262   Print payroll file maintenance and update audit report
263   Print employee mailing labels / separate sealed payslips in envelops
264   Print payroll register
265   Print payroll check register
266   Print check reconciliation report
267   Print cumulative YTD earnings register of hours and amounts with summary totals
268   Print quarterly earnings register of hours and amount with summary totals
269   Print deduction registers with current deduction, MTD and YTD totals
270   Print sick time register by department
271   Print exception report of employee wages over maximum pay limits per period ( or year ) by job class
272   Print exception report of employees not receiving checks
273   Support payroll reporting on fiscal and calendar year basis
274   Print all taxes , social security and Egyptian government required payroll reports ( in English and Arabic )
275   Print payroll labor distribution report of GL account, cost center, position, shift , employee
276   Distribute labor data to proper cost centers
277   Print labor distribution journal with account numbers, hours, and amounts for productive and non-productive time
278   Print labor variance report by department of budget to actual productive and non-productive hours
279   Print detailed report of authorized versus actual hours worked for each employee
280   Print annual employee benefit statements listing value of benefits paid and used for each employee

>>> Queries
281   Support online search and inquiry for employee data by employee number
282   Support online search and inquiry for employee data by social security number
283   Support online search and inquiry for employee data by last name ( any name )

>>> Interfaces
284   Interface with Human Resource
285   General Ledger integration
286   Cost Accounting integration
287   Validation and transfer of batches into payroll from external system ( ex: Patient Billing )
288   Interface summarized accruals of wages, taxes, and benefits to the general ledger system
289   Interface summarized labor distribution totals to the general ledger system as statistical journal entries
290   Support interface to automated time and attendance system for uploading employee hours-worked data into payroll system
291   Provide ability to synchronize employee master files in payroll system with time and attendance system
292   Accounts Receivable
293   Accounts Payable

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