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Human Resources

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A general-purpose system to include medical and para-medical personnel management as well as health center and hospital personnel management.

The following has been extracted from a recent RFP. I've included it here for your reference. It may prove useful for anyone preparing such a document.
Please feel free to comment on this list, and propose any items that you think should have been included in this list.

Human Resources

A general-purpose system to include medical and para-medical personnel management as well as health center and hospital personnel management

>>> General
1   Provide human resource management functions to track applicants, current employees, benefit, continuing education and other personnel information
2   Maintain employee master file including demographics, positions held , assignments , licenses, education, work history , emergency contact , and other information
3   Maintain information on and track management , non-management, confidential , temporary , and other employee sub-groups
4   Support entry and tracking of applicant information with ability to automatically use demographic data upon employment
5   Provide the ability to simulate the financial impact of potential contract salary changes and project the impact based on differing salary increases for different positions, job classes, etc…
6   Provide ability to project salaries for up to five years
7   Support flexible user-defined codes or data fields to track user-specific information for use in ad hoc reports
8   Ability to handle Employee Advances and Expenses ( in conjunction with Payable Module )
9   Ability to hold Employee record for Loans management facility

>>> Recruitment Resources Management
10   Employment Requisition controls
11   Online searches for qualified applicants/employees based on requirements
12   Positioning posting
13   Tracking of applications by personal data, skills, education, training, test results
14   Resume routing
15   Scheduling of interviews
16   Tracking interview results
17   Work processing interface for customizing recruitment letters
18   Process offers and new hires
19   On line status and summary information of applicants, requisitions, costs
20   Applicant flow statistics
21   Recruiting effectiveness evaluation
22   Generate electronic and hard copy posting notices for positions to be filled
23   Generate job notification letters to inform applicants of the status of a position and status as an applicant ( In Arabic and English )
24   Generate offer letter to most qualified applicant for a particular job
25   Provide ability to automatically update web sites with job posting notices
26   Provide ability to distribute job postings through the Hospital’s electronic mail system
27   Maintain applicant information for internal and external applicants, and provide ability to designate a specific job posting for internal candidates only.
28   Support scheduling of interviews and skills tests ( if required for position ) and for documenting results of interviews and skills tests
29   Support automated comparison of position requirements to qualifications of available applicants, and generate list of potential candidates
30   Support analysis of applicants based on education, past experience, performance, skills , tests, references, licenses, certification, and other information
31   Carry forward new hire information obtained through application process to avoid redundant data entry into personnel module
32   Allow applicants to enter electronic job applications through a web browser , direct an application to job postings, and check the status of an application.
33   Provide ability to record background checks on applicants
34   Support scanning of ‘hard-copy’ resumes and store as images for viewing
35   Support attaching documents created using industry-standard office suite applications to electronic job applications
36   Provide self-service resume preparation and job application functions that can be accessed through a standard web browser
37   Track all advertising activity associated with the recruitment process
38   Provide ability for recruiter to document all activities undertaken to fill a position (ex: newspaper ads )
39   Support tracking of medical exam results from applicants and employees for selected positions
40   Support unlimited number of salary schedules for different positions and classifications , with effective dates of applicability

>>> Personnel Profile
41   Centralized employee database
42   Employee experience and skill information
43   Family/children/spousal information
44   Physical and health information
45   Home phone number and address
46   Emergency contact information
47   Military Service Information
48   Education profile
49   Employee education and training tracking
50   Government approved equal employment opportunity (EEO) reporting
51   Performance/salary review information
52   Passport information
53   Work Permits
54   Workman’s compensation
55   Insurance , Social Security Numbers, etc..
56   Medical Coverage
57   Pension
58   Allowances
59   Vehicle information
60   Maintain employee staff skills ( ex: computer skills , second language , translator , etc.. ) database

>>> Organizational Structuring
61   Definition of organizational units
62   Establishment data for tax reporting requirements
63   Creation of multiple concurrent organization structures
64   Hierarchical and matrix structure options
65   Identification of teams, team work, job sharing
66   Organization change history maintenance
67   Development of new organization models
68   Organization model comparison and ‘what if’ analysis
69   Work location categorization

>>> Job position & Wage Profile
70   Identification of position/job
71   Position/job title
72   Position by organization, location, job code, title, shift, work days
73   Full/part-time indicator
74   Normal hours of job
75   Skills required for job
76   Position narrative of job
77   Employee profile required for each job/task
78   Multiple jobs
79   Multiple grades
80   User-defined grading structure
81   Track salary grades and steps
82   Employee assignments to single or multiple jobs and grades
83   Link rewards and salary scales to employee grading structures
84   Standard wage tables
85   Wage salary table with min/mid-point/max salary
86   Import salary survey data for comparisons and analysis
87   Perform compa-ratio and range penetration analysis by grade and job
88   Position expenditures and related budget information
89   Position filled/available reporting
90   Maintain position control data for positions including job class , department , cost center , salary , position, number , name and status ( ex: proposed, authorized ) , etc..
91   Track desired, budgeted , approved , filled and vacant positions within position control module
92   Provide ability to track the history of a position ( ex: former employees in position )
93   Print unfilled position report
94   Provide ability to pay an employee from more than one department or fund and divide salary , benefits and retirement among funds / departments
95   Provide ability to assign multiple employees to a single position ( ex: job sharing )
96   Provide ability to assign an employee to multiple positions
97   Print position control report by department , position and status providing totals by company

>>> Employee Career Development and Training
98   User-defined career paths
99   Career path assignment via jobs
100   Recording of employee skills, qualifications, competencies and experience
101   Matching employee profile to job and position requirements
102   Identification of training events and development activities
103   Printing of course descriptions and schedules
104   Generation of training costs and reporting
105   Determination of training needs
106   Recording and planning of performance appraisals
107   Updating of employee skills, education, honors, special projects, licenses, certificates, languages, course enrollments, evaluations
108   Identification and follow up of high-potential employees
109   Identification of leadership and talent gaps in organization

>>> Reward Management
110   User-defined standard reward rules
111   Reward cost reporting
112   Full history of employee reward packages maintained
113   Identification of eligibility rules linking rewards to jobs, grades, organizations
114   Automatically assign or change compensation and benefits based on reward rules
115   Monitor base salary and additional compensation components by employee
116   Export compensation and benefit details to spreadsheet for survey comparisons
117   Ability to enter performance evaluation forms results

>>> Budgeting and Cost Control
118   Budget at job, grade , position, organization levels
119   Total human resources costs by headcount, full time, user-defined factor
120   Budget comparisons against actual costs
121   FTE Management Facility

>>> Government Compliance Reporting
122   Generation of equal employment opportunity reporting (EEO)
123   Job group movement analysis , workforce analysis reporting
124   Ability to generate statistical reports by all fields
125   Ability to generate cross tabulated statistical reports
126   Maintenance of physical exams, injuries, illnesses, audiometric test results
127   Report Hiring and Staff status for NSSF

>>> Employment History / Personnel Reporting
128   Sick / lost time reporting
129   Employee health and incident tracking
130   Insurance claim reporting
131   Absence analysis by department , by supervisor
132   Employee absence profile reporting
133   Syndicate membership reporting
134   Seniority reporting
135   Layoff and recall reporting
136   Grievance / disciplinary reporting
137   Employee disciplinary history
138   Reporting tool for customized reporting
139   Print employee profile report , one page recap of all personnel data
140   Print report of employees who have worked for user-defined periods ( ex: 90 days , six months)
141   Print birthday list ( monthly ) 30 days in advance
142   Print to-be-discharged list for employees with contract termination date , 30 days in advance
143   Print employee seniority lists
144   Print list of employees needing physical exams , x-rays , etc..
145   Print license renewal lists by department ( monthly ) 30 days in advance
146   Print evaluation due date list for the month
147   Print evaluation forms on a monthly basis
148   Print absentee report with summary by organizational level for each pay period
149   Print leave of absence ( LOA ) report
150   Print vacation and sick leave usage reports
151   Print perfect attendance lists
152   Print new hires report showing name, department , position , status, start and orientation dates
153   Print new hires and discharged report for NSSF
154   Print layoff and re-employment reports
155   Print termination report showing reason, name, facility, position, length of employment, termination benefits
156   Print turnover analysis reports for by job class , department, or total Hospital
157   Print detailed FTE report for pay period, MTD , or YTD by department and job class
158   Print summary FTE reports by department and job class at Hospital-defined levels
159   Print FTE report of regular, overtime , and total ours per FTE
160   Print actual to budget FTE report ( productive and non-productive ) by department

>>> Benefits Management
161   Base Benefits
162   Multiple benefits program
163   Defined benefit plans, providers and rate
164   Multiple types of rates, including age-graded and service-step rates
165   Identification of appropriate dates for calculating coverage and deductions
166   Dependent and beneficiary ID numbers
167   Maintenance of dependent and beneficiary information
168   Processing of leave accruals for family medical leave, sick leave, vacation, time off
169   Deferral benefit percentages
170   Flat benefits amounts
171   Rollover benefit options
172   Investment selections for savings plans
173   Education Benefits entitlement
174   Reimbursement of Claims handling

>>> Medical Benefits Administration
175   Medical event types
176   Identification of medical beneficiaries by event type
177   Tracking medical events based on user-defined schedule
178   Generation of qualification letters and enrollment forms
179   Provide benefits administration functions for group health insurance , dental , vision , life insurance , disability , deferred compensation, employee assistance program , cafeteria plan , etc..
180   Provide ability to track benefits by employee and department
181   Track Medical eligibility for employees and produce standard notification letters
182   Print benefit summary statements and confirmation statements
183   Print benefits report of employees with health insurance
184   Print benefits report of employees with life insurance
185   Print benefits report of employees with dental insurance
186   Print payroll , benefit and total costs per employee report
187   Print report of employees with benefit changes

>>> Benefits Administration
188   Multiple benefit options : health, life, disability, retirement plans
189   Participant and dependent benefit enrollment processing for benefit options
190   Tracking of benefits eligibility

>>> Benefits and Allowances Types
191   Education Allowance
192   Medical
193   Meal Tickets
194   Transportation
195   Fringe benefits

>>> Queries
196   Provide ability to search for and list employees with specific skills
197   Track hours and types of education by employee
198   Support tracking and reporting of staff licenses and credentials to meet governmental requirements
199   Provide ability to track different probationary periods ( ex: for new hires , after promotions , disciplinary reasons )
200   Track and report on personnel actions including new hire , re-hire , promotion , demotion, reclassification, transfer, leave , termination , etc..
201   Provide ability for departments to submit human resource forms ( ex: personnel action forms, termination reports ) through the organization’s intranet
202   Track disciplinary actions ( ex: letters of reprimands , suspension , demotion, termination ) and steps in the disciplinary process , effective dates , reasons, etc.
203   Track employee grievance/complaints and steps in the grievance process , effective dates, and comments associated with each grievance
204   Track occupational illnesses, injuries and accident history associated with worker’s compensation claims
205   Support historical tracking and reporting of medical claims and worker’s compensation claims
206   Provide ability to track eligibility and qualifications for family medical leave, sick leave and other types of leave
207   Track employee leave data including type ( ex: maternity, administrative, jury duty, hours accrued, carryover balances, accrual limits , etc..)
208   Provide ability to track leave used ‘in lieu’ of sick leave

>>> Termination
209   Provide ability to capture and maintain information obtained from terminating employees

>>> Directories
210   Print personnel directories, by department or location , with employee address , phone, email and other information
211   Provide ability to maintain and view personnel directories on Hospital’s intranet ( ex: internal web site ) with pictures
212   Print staff list by job class within departments including phone numbers, emergency contact and phone.

>>> Integration
213   Integration with general ledger
214   Integration with budgeting
215   Integration with labor reporting and time management system
216   Integration with payroll, cost accounting
217   Share Employee Master file with Payroll
218   Benefits Integration
219   Integration with Payroll
220   Integration with financial accounting

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