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Maintenance Control

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The Hospital needs a Maintenance Control Module that will stream line maintenance and regulatory functions. The system should offer the capability of prioritizing tasks, assign work , based on the availability of necessary parts and labor, and analyze equipment failures in order to implement appropriate preventive maintenance measures.

The following has been extracted from a recent RFP. I've included it here for your reference. It may prove useful for anyone preparing such a document.
Please feel free to comment on this list, and propose any items that you think should have been included in this list. 

Maintenance Control

The Hospital needs a Maintenance Control Module that will stream line maintenance and regulatory functions. The system should offer the capability of prioritizing tasks, assign work , based on the availability of necessary parts and labor, and analyze equipment failures in order to implement appropriate preventive maintenance measures

>>> General
1   View detailed planning information – work plan, schedule, costs, labor, materials and equipment
2   Provide failure analysis and related documents via Work order tracking
3   Compare real time budgets or estimated against actual and historical work orders
4   Project scheduling, tracking and updating reporting capabilities
5   Bar Code identification
6   Interface with Assets management to determine relationships between a piece of equipment, its physical location and the system with which it may be associated
7   Maintain detailed Hospital service contract, and tool records for use in other modules to plan and analyze maintenance work
8   Productivity reporting for all resources ( ex: labor, equipment, materials )
9   Preventive Maintenance scheduling / equipment and spare parts requirements

>>> Equipment Tracking
10   Equipment maintenance labor
11   Equipment repair procedures and cause
12   Equipment listings, drawings, and graphic displays
13   Tracks usage, repair, and preventive maintenance
14   Track equipment , associated costs, and histories
15   Ability to build an equipment roll up maintenance cost
16   Ability to record equipment problems for analysis
17   Equipment downtime and cause tracking
18   Track Equipment cost
19   Track Equipment maintenance materials usage and cost

>>> Work Orders
21   Automatic cost estimate of work order
22   Historical cost analysis and reporting
23   Work order status and backlog reporting
24   Work order prioritization
25   Work order schedule and assignment development
26   Availability checking on parts
27   Online job planning
28   Online entry for day-to-day maintenance requests
29   Skills resource planning
30   Individual employee utilization reporting
31   Dispatching
32   Workflow and approval routings
33   Record maintenance work and close work orders from the shop floor
34   Automatic generation of store’s work order ‘pick lists’

>>> Preventive Maintenance
35   Maintain maintenance contract information online
36   Generate PM work orders individually, batched or automatically
37   Accommodate multiple criteria for work order generation
38   Generate seasonal preventive maintenance work orders for planned shutdowns
39   Sequence multiple job plans and consolidate multiple procedures on one PM master
40   Cluster PM work orders to take advantage of unplanned downtime
41   Online PM schedule setting
42   Automatic PM cost accumulation
43   Detailed PM task description
44   Automatic assessment of PM schedule adherence
45   Repetitive work order time slots
46   Trouble shooting and fault evaluation
47   Forecast future PM dates for resource planning
48   Maintenance stores allocation for open orders
49   Automatic maintenance procedures library update
50   Tracking of maintenance tools and equipment

>>> Scheduling
51   Generate work order schedules based on resource leveling techniques
52   Graphically analyze and manipulate availability of resources
53   Set downtime requirements for machinery required to be off-line prior to wok being performed
54   Optimize schedules through what-if analysis
55   Store new schedule dates for comparison with original target dates
56   Develop daily plans and manage backlogs to lower response time and equipment downtime
57   In dispatch mode, enter work, assign employees and track ongoing jobs in real time.
58   Support centralized dispatching and shop floor dispatching
59   In planning mode, assign employees to future work orders scheduled and track employee availability
60   Plan upcoming work based on priority of work and craftsperson availability

>>> Inspection
61   Define inspection plans and schedules for inspection
62   Analyze inspection data to support predictive maintenance

>>> Resource Tracking
63   Service contract activities and cost tracking
64   Allocation of service contract and blanket purchase costs to specific accounts
65   Equipment and parts warranty tracking
66   Bin-label printing
67   Track goods delivered and account for
68   Automatic ‘best fit’ resource scheduling
69   Energy consumption tracking
70   Critical spares
71   ‘where used’ parts inventory
72   Lot level materials tracking

>>> Labor Module
73   Store information by employee, craft or contractor
74   Create craft records including regular and overtime pay rates
75   Associate labor records with craft records for organizing labor by craft
76   Report actual labor on work orders in timecard format
77   Charge cost of Labor Time

>>> Calendars
78   Create schedules for equipment, craft, and labor records
79   View calendars via start/end date illustrating shifts, holidays, and vacations
80   View calendars by month or day displaying total work hours available
81   Associate calendars with labor and craft records to plan work based on equipment and labor availability

>>> Job Plans
82   Track multiple quantities and costs by operation or job plan
83   Divide job plan sequentially, each with its own parts, labor and tool estimates
84   Duplicate job plans for modification

>>> Queries
85   Work Order status
86   Skill matching with job orders
87   Back log inquiry
88   Displays complete information, through online inquiry, about any piece of equipment

>>> Safety
89   Hazardous material identification
90   Ability to identify affected equipment and locations
91   Associate and track permits

>>> Reports
92   Work order status reporting
93   Work order backing reporting
94   Individual employee skills reporting
95   Individual employee training reporting
96   Individual employee availability reporting
97   Print due for multiple PM tasks on a single sheet
98   Generate ad hoc equipment and maintenance reporting
99   Print scheduled maintenance during user-specified time periods

>>> Integration
100   Inventory
101   Asset management
102   Human Resources and attendance
103   Purchasing and material management
104   Accounting

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