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Help develop an open source ECG solution

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Open Ecg ProjectThe openECGproject is an online community conceived around a simple, but challenging and worthy goal - to develop an open source hardware and software solution for electrocardiography. This is essentially a playground designed for people of different backgrounds to put their minds together and create something that could make a difference in this world. It started as an itch that needed scratching, so Dr. Ivor Kovic (external link) initiated this community with high hopes that people who can make this vision come true will join and contribute to the project.

The electrocardiogram (ECG), which records electrical activity from the heart, is a vital clinical tool doctors use to assess numerous and sometimes life threatening heart conditions, like the heart attack (myocardial infarction). The importance of having such a diagnostic tool readily available is further emphasized by the fact that we are facing a global heart disease epidemic and that these diseases are the No. 1 cause of death in most countries of the world. Unfortunately, ECGs can be quite expensive and not all medical facilities or doctors can afford them. This is especially true for those living and working in countries of the Third World, but not just them.

Free ECG Project

If this project fulfills its purpose such people could build their own affordable, safe and clinically useful ECGs or have someone else do it for them. Since the solution would be open and free, interested companies could start producing and selling it for a more competitive price than those of commercially available products on the market today.

Key features

* Takes sound card input and displays as a virtual Cathode-Ray Oscilloscope (CRO)
* View an ECG (EKG) at any resolution (within reason)
* Recording to a custom .ecg file (File size around 100KB/min)
* Playback on any computer with FreeECG

Useful for

* Viewing, recording or playing back ECG recordings of your own heart
* Learning how ECG (EKG) machines work, and the causes of interference
* Education. No licence & it's easy to distribute .ecg files
* Disadvantaged countries (Remote diagnosis, backwards compatibility, free)
* Specialist sharing (Remote communities can send trace files to a specialist)
* Programming
* More?

Get more information here

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