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General Microbiology application should improve the processing of microbiology specimens in the Hospital. Integrated with the entire Hospital Information System, the application should be equipped to handle work for multiple laboratory sections , including Mycobacteriology , bacteriology , mycology , parasitology , virology , serology.

The following has been extracted from a recent RFP. I've included it here for your reference. It may prove useful for anyone preparing such a document.
Please feel free to comment on this list, and propose any items that you think should have been included in this list.


General Microbiology application should improve the processing of microbiology specimens in the Hospital. Integrated with the entire Hospital Information System, the application should be equipped to handle work for multiple laboratory sections , including

Mycobacteriology , bacteriology , mycology , parasitology , virology , serology

>>> General
1 Assignment of alpha or numeric procedure codes
2 Source/procedure compatibility check
3 Capability for free text or coded phrase comments
4 Hospital definable specimen and collection list labels
5 Support work-lists
6 Automatic issue of work credits upon requisition and Result Entry
7 Support user defined screen formats for results
8 Have automatic data integrity checks

>>> Requisition Entry
9 Support online entry of order information including body site
10 Provide ability to add sensitivity profiles to orders
11 Provide ability to modify sensitivity patterns when further tests are needed
12 Centralized or decentralized order entry at any userís workstation
13 Ordering for past or future dates
14 Hospital definable reflex testing
15 Labels for workcards or media
16 Stat log-in with instant result entry for gram stains or smears
17 Workload crediting for specimen collection
18 Automatic charge capture upon procedure entry
19 Automatic credit issue with canceled requisition or specimen
20 Duplicate order checking for tests and profiles
21 Automatic cancellation and uncollected specimens for a Hospital definable time frame
22 Provide ability to assign accession numbers to single specimen with multiple test requests

>>> Collection Lists
The application should facilitate the process of collection and receiving specimens by enabling technologists to quickly create collection lists and verify the receipt of specimens in the lab.
23 Support logging of unproper collection method for specimen
24 Ability to generate bar code labels for specimen
25 Unlimited Hospital defined collection categories for timed draws and numerous priorities
26 Verification of entire batch or individual specimen
27 Re-collection capability
28 Reprint label capability
29 Printed lists including collected, uncollected for all specimens
30 Preview lists of totals for current and future specimens by collection category
31 Support recording of time and date of specimen , when set up in microbiology department

>>> Work-Lists
32 Have Hospital defined layouts and size
33 Support table formats
34 Include patient and specimen information
35 Have the ability to add comments per specimen
36 Handle dilution factors for automatic calculations of final results
37 Allow to add, swap and delete specimens
38 Routines available for issuing work credits by shift, patient type, specimen priority, patient location, doctor, user , site and patient service
39 Productivity reports
40 Workload reports
41 Comparison reports
42 Statistical reports

>>> Results Entry
43 Have real-time range checking based on age, sex and patient condition
44 Online displays of deltas
45 Interface to microbiology on-line analyzers
46 Availability of results to the Order Management system
47 Allow for batch entry of user defined default results
48 Provide automatic order of sensitivities
49 Provide an automatic check of expected sensitivity patterns
50 Support multiple test results
51 Have extensive help for coded results
52 Result entry via workstations, automated analyzer, and user-defined entry screens
53 Reflex testing for automatic ordering and deleting of tests ( ex: entry of positive culture result generates order for proper sensitivity )
54 Result entry by either patient or specimen for patient and quality control specimens
55 Possibility for non-reportable procedures, with charges and workload , to be ordered during result entry
56 Susceptibilities automatically ordered for organisms by a userís specifications, with optional non-reportable antibiotics
57 Unlimited lines of free text or coded comments
58 Updating of workload credits upon result entry and revisions
59 Possibility to issue Preliminary results, prior to report finalization
60 Immediate broadcast of stat-logged results to patient location
61 Default result entry feature based on specimen time
62 Access to paragraph-type Result Entry screen

>>> Query
63 Test results
64 Patient search inquiries
65 Display of all requests for a patient
66 Security levels for confidential inquiries
67 Optionally display requests for other labs
68 Access results by patient name , account number , specimen number , or procedure
69 Susceptibilities suggest antibiotic of choice based on test reactions and infection source

>>> Management Reports
70 Daysheets
71 Statistical reports ( by Doctors , Ward , Services , etc.. )
72 Workload recording
73 Outstanding tests
74 Laboratory status
75 Notification report
76 Unverified tests report

>>> Reports
A group of patient reports provides nurses and physicians patientsí test results and cumulative summaries at a glance.
Internal reports enable the hospital to maintain efficient processing of microbiology specimens. One report, for example , records the laboratoryís activities, both complete and incomplete, and isolates microbiology specimens that require special attention, others.
77 Support Hospital defined format reports
78 Support Highlight abnormalities on report
79 Activity reports by doctor , patient or location
80 Patient reports by collection date
81 Cumulative summaries by patient, location or for discharge
82 Summary by Medical Record Number
83 Patient result data integrated with the laboratory, blood bank and anatomical pathology
84 Patient master log and index
85 Specimen master log
86 Outstanding specimen report
87 Overdue specimen report
88 Unverified results report
89 Exceptional results report
90 Stat broadcasting audit report
91 List of specimens added, deleted, or canceled with complete audit trail
92 Edited final verified results report
93 Result activity report
94 Specimen review report
95 Microbiology summary sheet as part of cumulative report

>>> Quality Control
96 Quality Control specimen requisition and result entry features
97 QC Reports :- Outstanding specimen report
98 QC Reports :- Exception report
99 QC Reports :- Data review report
100 QC Reports :- Statistics report

>>> Epidemiology
101 Support epidemiology
102 Support organism occurrence versus patient location
103 Support organism occurrence versus specimen type
104 Support organism susceptibility versus antibiotics
105 Account for spot changes and/or trends in organism susceptibility patterns
106 Epidemiology and statistical reports
107 Detection of organisms isolated for infection control during result entry.
108 Generate lists and reports that group the patients who should be observed and treated with antibiotics.
109 Reports with graphs :- Infection control report
110 Reports with graphs :- Organism isolated report
111 Reports with graphs :- Susceptibility report
112 Reports with graphs :- Antibiogram

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