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International Classification of Primary Care

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The International Classification of Primary Care (ICPC-2) is a classification designed for primary care, developed by the World Organisation of Family Doctors (Wonca). It classifies information relating to why the patient has come for the consultation (the reasons for encounter), the problems managed during the encounter, procedures, referrals, imaging and pathology tests.

ICPC-2 classifies patient data and clinical activity in the domains of General/Family Practice and primary care, taking into account the frequency distribution of problems seen in these domains. It allows classification of the patientís reason for encounter (RFE), the problems/diagnosis managed, interventions, and the ordering of these data in an episode of care structure.


It has a biaxial structure and consists of 17 chapters, each divided into 7 components dealing with

1.   Symptoms and complaints

2.   Diagnostic, screening and preventive procedures

3.   Medication, treatment and procedures

4.   Test results

5.   Administrative

6.   Referrals and other reasons for encounter

7.   Diseases


The ICPC contains 17 chapters:

  • A General and unspecified
  • B Blood, blood forming organs, lymphatic, spleen
  • D Digestive
  • F Eye
  • H Ear
  • K Circulatory
  • L Musculoskeletal
  • N Neurological
  • P Psychological
  • R Respiratory
  • S Skin
  • T Endocrine, metabolic and nutritional
  • U Urology
  • W Pregnancy, childbirth, family planning
  • X Female genital system and breast
  • Y Male genital system
  • Z Social problems


The ICPC-2 PLUS terminology provides greater specificity for data input than the ICPC-2 classification. ICPC-2 PLUS provides a useable coding system for symptoms, diagnoses (problem labels), past health problems and the processes of care for use in age-sex disease registers, morbidity registers and full electronic health records in primary care. It currently contains over 7,400 terms that are commonly used in Australian general practice.

ICPC-2 PLUS : Demonstrator

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